Raise a Reader Infogram

This is excellent. I particularly like “What changed in 4th grade? Parents stopped reading to children”. It’s so much fun to share a read-aloud book with older children. There are still books that they can understand and enjoy, but not yet read. It motivates them to continue improving and to try out different kinds of books.

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2 thoughts on “Raise a Reader Infogram

  1. Where do I begin? This is so powerful!
    Kids like to be read to! My classroom students loved the after lunch recess novel reading time. I loved reading to them!
    As a librarian I read to all grades, and took picture books as high up in grade level as I could. My students knew if I brought out a picture book to read in fifth grade it was going to be a good book. They weren’t disappointed.
    Great post! You created awareness in me as to the changes since I left teaching.
    Now to sell this idea to the parents?

    • “Now to sell this idea to the parents?” Exactly! I think most parents stop reading to their children after first grade. Years ago I had a first grader, with four sisters, whose dad was reading Lord of the Rings to the whole family. Emily loved it and gave us regular updates on the plot. She had no problem with this high level book because the whole family was participating. Usually I can’t even get parents to read regular kid books to their children.

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