An Introduction

I’m almost positive that this blog will be read only by me. However, on the chance that some lone wanderer of the internets happen to pass this way, I’m going to introduce myself.  I’ve been teaching for about 34 years, the last 8 years in second grade. Four years ago I began trying to implement the Daily 5 and CAFE reading format, with which I instantly fell in love. Two years ago I was asked to host a Teacher Lab for the lower elementary teachers in my building. I decided to blog my way through the year: the second year of my full implementation and also the year I presented it to my colleagues. I set up the blog. That was as far as I got.

Now I’m making another attempt as I try to learn about using new technologies and web tools in my classroom. In the meantime, my school was introduced to Visible Thinking and I began teaching math with the Investigations program. I found I loved all three, and that they fit remarkably well together. Although the title of the blog is ‘dailycafelife’ , I will be blogging about all three structures and how they work together.

If you’ve wandered this far, I hope you find something of use.


3 thoughts on “An Introduction

    • I’m shocked that I have a response on this blog so soon! Did you see it on my Ravelry profile? My picture is from my one and only visit to France to see my daughter who spent a year there doing graduate work. I also live it because I knitted Natalie Servant’s Eiffel Tower shawl and took pictures of it at the tower. I don’t know if I’ll include knitting; I’m not a terribly expert or creative knitter. My Rav name is maryl1

      • I friended you on ravelry before the last election, so your blog posts come up in my friends part of my notebook when I click on friends blogs. It sounds like the focus of your blog will be on curriculum….. I might skim them when I see them, but I’m a retired educator… I have moved on, so to speak, although I may find what you write to be interesting, to see the current direction of curriculum.

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